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Enjoyable and constructive sessions with Vanessa at a difficult time in my life. Would recommend her coaching to anyone looking for support and clarity with their life choices. ~ E.R.

Vanessa is a really fantastic counsellor. I felt very safe and happy to open up almost straight away. This was particularly important to me as I’ve only ever done face-to-face counselling before, so I did have some apprehensions about doing sessions online, but these disappeared very quickly into our first session. Vanessa made me feel at ease, and we worked through a very low time for me and all the emotions that came with it. She provided me with the tools and coping mechanisms to work through such issues now and in the future. I feel like a completely different person from who I was going into my first session 3 months ago, and this is all thanks to Vanessa. ~ Kayleigh

I got in contact with Vanessa when I was in a very low point in life dealing with trauma related anxiety. Vanessa is a fantastic listener and creates a safe, comfortable environment for you to talk freely and openly about how you are feeling. I have been able to verbalise major events and now have tools to deal with the related anxieties. With the support of Vanessa I know who I am and feel and I can move forward in life once more. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. ~ Ellis

I have worked with Vanessa for almost 6 months.  During this time she has helped me work through some of my longstanding problems, including a lack of self confidence and social anxiety, both of which have impacted on both my professional and personal life.  She has a very gentle approach to her working and is very skilled at getting me to identify why these anxieties could be present and giving me strategies to help work through them. She is hugely professional at all times and I have no hesitation in recommending her services. ~D.H.

Vanessa was recommended to me by a friend. Over the course of our work together, we discussed many aspects of what I wanted to achieve. What I liked, as it suited me, was that the first few sessions Vanessa took time to understand my needs. It was only after that we put together some action plans, which have proved both robust and successful. Even though the bulk of the work may have been done, we still talk once a month to discuss and monitor progress against our agreed action plans. I found Vanessa very empathic, easy to talk to and I would recommend her to anyone for consultation. ~ Michael

Vanessa is an excellent coach. Working with her has changed my life. In the time we have worked together, Vanessa has proved critical in helping me achieve my life goals. She employs an empathetic balance of supportive encouragement and considered challenge. She creates a completely safe place to download which allows me to get to a level of honesty with myself much quicker than multiple conversations with friends and family. As such, the changes I have made have been really well thought through and positive. ~Wendy

I got introduced to Vanessa through a consultancy program after the 4th August Beirut explosion. Vanessa has been a great coach and counsellor for me. She provided me with a safe space to freely express myself. She also guided me to explore myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Vanessa is a great listener, and sympathetic counsellor who taught me that the healing pathway is a long process but never impossible.  ~Sarra

Vanessa has provided me with a safe space to reflect on and identify areas for professional and personal development to enhance my work and personal life. She balances her empathy and understanding of the modern workplace to support me in identifying the issues that matter and actions that are realistic. ~Derek

I have been greatly impressed by Vanessa’s ability to help me order my thoughts and work out what my priorities are – she is very skilled at showing me that I already have the answers to my own questions. ~Jo

It’s been very helpful to discuss issues that have been causing me a degree of stress at work with Vanessa. She unlocks little doors that help me see a way forward. ~Ellie

I found the coaching sessions really helpful. You gave me space to explore and understand my own strengths and challenges, and asked questions that helped me think about them from a different perspective. I have really felt the effects of our coaching sessions in how I approach my day job and how I consider how to best address the challenges I am facing. ~Larna

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