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How much will it cost?

Please get in touch for a free initial consultation and for further information. Concessions are available for students, the unemployed and those in financial hardship.  There’s no obligation to continue after an initial conversation – I would encourage you to shop around to find the right person for you. 

How many sessions will I need?  

It depends, everyone is different. You might find that a few sessions are enough or it might be that a longer-term approach is needed.  We will review and adjust as we go along.

Where are sessions held?

I hold sessions by video call or by phone. Depending on your location, we might be able to meet for sessions outside or in your home. 

How long is a session?

Usually one hour. Longer sessions of 90 minutes can be arranged on request.

Will you give me advice?

No. Coaching/counselling is a collaborative process where I work with you to support you to find your own answers. If I have knowledge of a particular subject then I would share it with you, but I will never advise you to take any particular direction.

What does a coach/counsellor bring? Why can’t I work it out for myself?

Sometimes we get stuck and can’t see a way forward. Coaching/counselling can help you to make sense of all the thoughts, fears, aspirations or feelings you might be carrying around. It can offer another perspective, enabling you to tap into your own resources and helping you to find some answers. It’s confidential so you can be free to speak your mind without being judged.

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